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CCDD Services

As of July 2010, the law governing Owners and Operators of Clean Construction or Demolition Debris (CCDD) and uncontaminated soil fill operations changed.  The main items in the new law* that effect contractors such as yourself are:

1.  Document the following information for each load of CCDD or uncontaminated soil received:
     a. Hauler name, site of origin address, owner or operator of the site of origin;
     b.Weight in tons or volume in cubic yards; and
     c. Date received.

2. Obtain for all soil:
     a. Certification from the owner or operator of the site of origin that the site has never
     been used for commercial or industrial purposes and is presumed to be uncontaminated
     soil; or
     b. Certification from a licensed professional engineer that the soil is uncontaminated.

3. Confirm that the CCDD or uncontaminated soil was not removed from a site as part of
     a cleanup or removal.

4. Visually inspect and screen each load of soil with a device such as photo ionization
     detector,  flame ionization detector, or another device approved by the Agency that
     detects volatile organic compounds (already required of permitted CCDD fill operations);

5. Document all activities under the Interim Requirements. Documentation of any
     chemical analysis must include, without limitation:
     a. Copy of the lab analysis;
     b. Laboratory accreditation status; and
     c. Laboratory authorized agent certification.

(*This information was obtained from the Illinois EPA website.)

Resource Consulting, Inc. is currently providing these services.  From site evaluation to the PE certification, Resource is able to assist you in complying with the new law in a timely and cost-conscious way.